The Lunar Chronicles

I recently started a book series Called The unar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. The Lunar Chronicles take place in a future where people live both on earth and on the moon. The Lunars (those who live on the moon) have a power called bio-electrical manipulation, which allows them to change the way people see them through use of a glamour or bend others will by taking control of their thoughts and making them do what ever the wielder desires. Meanwhile Earthen’s are regular people and possess no superhuman abilities.

Each book in the Lunar Chronicles is inspired by a well known fairy tail, Cinder (Cinderella)  Scarlet (Little Red Riding Hood)  Cress (Rapunzel) and Winter (Snow White). A new character is introduced at the beginning of each book and then later tied into the main plot.

The evil lunar queen Levana is trying to take over earth by forcing a marriage alliance with emperor Kaito, thus becoming empress. She plans to kill him after the wedding and use her manipulative power to make her new subjects willing to follow her. Cinder, the last remaining heir to the lunar throne and only person alive that can end Levana’s reign, is also a wanted criminal for escaping the royal dungeons after being imprisoned for trying to assassinate her at the royal ball. When Cinder escaped she took Captain Carswell Thorne with her, and with the help of a few other characters commandeer a space ship and together make a plan to dethrone the evil queen.

I’m so arachnophobic

Today we hiked to Wahclella Falls. The waterfall was beautiful but then we went into a cave…Duh duh duh. I was really proud of my self because I faced my fear of confined spaces yay! But the universe decided to be really mean and test my other phobia, spiders. There were tons of giant cave spiders on the ceiling, we ran (I say run but it was more of a frantic scuttle) like Aragog himself was after us. Here is a picture of our frantic departure from the caveGetAttachmentThumbnail.

Communicating with the toilet phone

Yesterday was was awesome, we walked to an abandoned state park near our studio. It was fun until one kid found a tick and we all freaked out, even though I’ve lived in Oregon my entire life I have never excepted the fact that ticks exist. After we returned to the great indoors one of the facilitators realized her phone was missing, she ran back down to the state park thinking she had dropped it somewhere, but after she came back she found it had fallen out of her pocket and into the toilet. Several people attempted to pull it out but it was lodged to far and in, and still is, we have no idea what to do.

Today we watched a video about animal communication called Animal Communicator. It was about this woman called Anna who travels around and helps animals by communicating energetically with them. I found this really interesting and it made me want to learn animal communication.


Tacos! Yes, today we feasted on tacos! I am a unicorn and unicorns do not eat cows, or pigs, or other things with four legs or wings, so I feasted on beans and cheese. CHEEEEEESSSSEEEEE!!!!!! I love cheese. Someone asked me today what my favorite mythical animal was, Humans obviously but I don’t really believe in them. CHEEEEESSSSEEEE!!!!!

Sorry about that my pet unicorn Shezza hacked my blog.

I read several books over break, one of them was  The Iron king by Julie Kagawa. I also read The Falconer by Elizabeth May (book two comes out June seventh yay!), which got me interested in Scotland and prompted me to read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, which I’m reading currently. I also finished Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas over break and can’t wait for book five on September sixth! Oh and I’m also listening to The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson, as an audio book.

Writing and music

I had a really fun week! I’ve gotten inspired to learn violin, mainly because I discovered Lindsey Stirling, who is a hip hop violinist, who basically she plays the violin while dancing. I love how she takes a classical instrument and uses it to create something modern and fun. I’m also taking a writing course on line through Gotham Teen Writing. This week my assignment was to start a short story using the opening line: Chris was beginning to question the wisdom of this trip.

We went down town today because some of the group was working with Local Water Alliance, an organization that’s working to protect our water from being bottled and shipped out of out county. while they were doing that I went to a local coffee shop and worked on my writing. When I got back I did a drawing of a violin, using pencil and charcoal.


Infernal Mindfulness

[Insert opening sentence here.]

Yesterday was really fun, after math we went to Viento. Viento is a state park near where we live. We only stayed for about an hour, and we didn’t do much, but it was nice to get out in nature.

We watched a video this week about Mindfulness, I found interesting but slightly too long. It was interesting to see the effect it had on the kids at that particular school.   It was called Room to Breath.

I also stated a new book this week (bet you didn’t see that coming) called Clockwork Angel by one of favorite authors Cassandra Clare, Its the first in a trilogy called The Infernal Devices. It takes place in historical London, the main character is this girl that grew up in NY and then moved to London and discovered she had magical powers.  I love her writing because she creates amazing characters that are well developed and you get very attached to them.  Her plots are gripping, and she is just a genus.


Throne of Glass

One of my favorite books series I’ve read this year is the Throne of Glass series by Sara J Maas. I’m currently reading the last book which is Queen of Shadows.

I love Sara’s writing, the things she dose to her characters are very daring and most authors wouldn’t be brave enough. The plot takes so many twists and turns that its hard to imagine that it started out so simple.

The books are written in third person and shift between several main characters, but are mostly from from the perspective of Celaena Sardothian, who is known for being the most dangerous Assassin in the world



Dystopian Mice

Nothing particularly extraordinary happened this week, besides the fact that I started a new book series written by Victoria Aveyard. I finished Red Queen yesterday which was the fist installment and quickly rushed off to get the sequel Glass Sword which came out only nine days ago. The Red Queen series is a YA dystopian fantasy with a strong female lead. It’s action packed and riveting, with really great character development and sudden unexpected plot twists.

Apart from reading we watched a film about animal testing, I’ve always been aware of animal testing and am very careful to read labels when buying cosmetics and other products that could be tested on animals. We all agreed that animal testing for products like shampoo, nail polish, makeup etc. is cruel and unnecessary, some thought however that using animals for medical studies was justified. I as an individual think that we have have plenty of medical alternatives and that animals are not needed. Also, there are too many differences between animals and humans for them to be completely reliable test subjects, for example cancer was cured in mice years ago but because of the differences between our species the cure did not work on humans.

Art and books, yay!

I have no idea how to start this post without sounding repetitive, so yeah that was my intro. Yesterday I worked for a long time on my art course I’m taking though Udemy. It’s a series of videos each one covering a different subject of drawing.x I was working on form and shape yesterday. I love art. It’s like writing, you’re expressing yourself and telling a story, but you can go much deeper with pictures then you can with words. My biggest struggle with art is that I’m a perfectionist. I spend too much time trying to make the lines look perfect, and forget why I was to drawing in the first place. Having been a gymnast, and ballet dancer, the importance of perfection is drilled into my head.

As always I made time for books this week. Im currently reading Heir Of Fire by Sarah J Maas, City Of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare, (I’m almost done!) and The 5th Wave by Rick Yancy.


Let me tell you the story of the Tiskele Rivers cheese day. So it all started yesterday at the end of the day meeting. We discussed the day as always, we finished early and had nothing else to talk about. That’s when it happened,  the word that would change the rest of the week forever. In the pause when no one knew what to say I yelled at the top of my lungs; “CHEESE!” Everyone looked at me. I grinned, immensely pleased with myself for discovering this magical subject. “Cheese?” someone asked. “You want to talk about cheese?” I nodded. there was a pause, while everyone exchanged bemused looks. Then the room exploded with the room with the sound of happy children discussing their favorite cheeses, and what they liked to eat with their cheese. Then someone else had an idea, not as good my idea to talk about cheese, but still good. Their idea was that we should create a personality test to determine what type of cheese we would be. But by this time we had used up our extra time and had to go home. But that was not the end of the cheese discussion, oh no. So the next day at our beginning of the day meeting one of the kids announced that he had taken an online quiz to see what type of cheese he was, (he has Gouda) and so the cheese conversation continued. Eventually we decided that it would be fun to get a bunch of different  cheeses and have blindfolded taste test. So after math we went to the store and bought 7 different types of cheese. Manchego, Parmesan, Asiago, Brie, Gouda, Chedder, and Goat Cheese. we lined them up and donned our blind folds. Let the first Cheese Games began, And may the odds be ever in your favor.GetAttachment

ps: I got them all right!